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Part 2: Installing Windows Vista, Cannot find file d:\sources\install.wim

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in PC Software | Posted on 17-11-2006

Right before lunch I decided to give generating a Vista key one more try and sure enough I finally got it to generate.  I finished up some code I was working on and then went to lunch to grab a sandwich real quick hoping I could get through most of the install during lunch.

For those curious, I am installing Vista on my AMD 64 machine.  The only difference from what is listed on my other blog is I have 2GBs of memory now instead of 1GB.  After hunting around for a few minutes I found the Promise Fasttrak 378 driver I was going to need and I rebooted the machine with the DVD I burnt in the drive. 

After several minutes I was greeted with an installation screen.  I entered my key and pressed next.  And then BOOOOOM!  The installation blew up.  I was told my installation was canceled and the error was 0x80070000D.  The text read: 

Windows cannot open the required file D:\Sources\Install.wim.  Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation.  Error code:  0x8007000D.

I pressed ok (since that is all I could press) and went back to the main screen and chose the repair option hoping it would get me a little further along.  I was able to see my devices:  floppy disk, DVD drive, and even my external FireWire drive.  I explored the DVD drive and I could see the install.wim file on the disk.  WTF!?

Thinking I may have had a bad download I went back to MSDN and checked the Sha1 hash key.  After a few minutes my Sha1 generator came back with the same key.  That removes that theory,  our files are an exact copy.

I did some more digging on the Internet and found that other people had the same problem.  Mostly with Virtual Machine installations (which is all I had done with Vista myself up until this point).  Someone stated they thought the DVD player was the problem, someone else said they did a re-burn and it solved the problem.  Since I had validated I had a good copy I decided to reburn another DVD with another program.  This time I used Alcohol 120% instead of Nero.  Unfortunately I had the exact same problem and lunch is now over.  Stay tuned while the saga unfolds.

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the file cannot be copied or read, the copy of windows is not work

For 0x8007000D. I read the post and tried changing drives, but it will get the same error. Later, I tried to wipe out the entire hard drive, destroying the partition that previously was there…

Later on, it was installed.

hey thanks for the hints I got that problem all I did was clean my dvd and it works. So maybe that asshole who thinks this site is worthless should go and burn in hell

Well it seems like I am certainly not alone. My friend’s computer, just like all these above was dead. Seemed like the heat sink compound had dried out on the CPU typical of HP. I replaced the MB with a MSI K9N6PGM2-V MB & AM2X2 4400+/2.30 CPU from Tiger Direct and it booted right up. I felt like a pig rolling in bill gates old money pile. Then when I tried to install SP1 all hellmans broke loose. I checked the HD with Paragon hard disk manager and more and more files on the drive went red meaning it was getting worse fast. Finally I had to wipe out all and reformat it and after many tries finally got the disk to work again. Now I can not get past this install.wim as everyone else. I just received the original replacement install disks from HP for $15.93 and was not one bit thrilled when now the message changed to just you can not use these disk on this computer! Any new ideas other than buy a new computer and give it to this waiting little girl with tears in her eyes ?

I had the same problem but with the original disk. Using another dvd drive worked fine for me. Fortunally I have the DVD drive…

Well i had the same problem.

I´ve burned a copy in alcohol at a speed of 4x on a LG drive. Now im trying to install on an Asus SATA optical drive. Im with 10% installation and no problems so far. I hope it work this way.

I’m having the same problem i have no idea how to slow down the img burn ]

i have the same problem but when i install windows server 2008 64 bit from iso image

Well… guys can you tell me which DVD drives install vista. ASUS, Samsung etc

I’ve tried on this two different drives with two different DVDs, the second burned at the slowest rate available and now have even tried booting off an external hard drive and it still fails. Any more ideas?

I had the same problem trying to install Windows Server 2008, I burnt the ISO image at a slower speed and was able to finally install. Thanks for the pointers.

Salman, I tried 4 drives and none worked. I bought an LG Blu-Ray writer at NewEgg for less than $100 and everything worked perfectly. The problem is that many drives cannot install Vista.

Well… i admit that i have Sony NEC Optiarc DVD-RW. i also have the same error. I have tried several different image files of vista and burn them at lowest speed, but still i get the same error of “…file is corrupt install.wim”. I dont think that i have budget for buying a new dvd-rom. Can anyone please solve my solution?

Can anyone really help me?

Well is there anyone kind enough to solve my querry? i am a bit desperate now to solve this issue.

Well… i admit that i have Sony NEC Optiarc DVD-RW. i also have the same error. I have tried several different image files of vista and burn them at lowest speed, but still i get the same error of “…file is corrupt install.wim”. I dont think that i have budget for buying a new dvd-rom. Can anyone please solve my solution?

Seems strange, but the answer is that Vista/W7 do not comply with Nec/Sony Nec (Optiarc) DVD-Drives that are on almost everyone’s machine. The common way is to switch on AHCI option in our bios sata drive menu. While you of course switch to non Nec/Optiarc DVD-Drive

I’m getting this error on a legit purchased DVD copy of Home Premium after switching to a new motherboard. As i expected i can’t just repair and hope that it boots, but I also get the error mentioned in this thread when i try a fresh install. Tried two different dvd drives… any other suggestions?

i had the dame problem with the install.wim file not founde, but i haus the -u1 for the udf and no more error i hope that helpes all of you guyes.

My solution to this issue:
” Windows cannot open the required file D:\Sources\Install.wim. Make sure all files required for installation are availalble, and restart the installation. Error code 0x8007000D.”

Do not use any RW capable Optical drives.
Use your cheap DVD CD-ROM reader when you are installing VISTA 32 or 64 bit from your installation disk.

Good Luck…

alcohol slow rate worked for me… had 10 days problems with this instal, till i didnt burn dvd with alcohol instead of other 3 programs…

Same problem using the default normal install method.

Going though the command prompt X:\sources\setup.exe method described above in the comments worked for me. It give you more options to which hard drive to install to.

“if your are using virtualbox, after creating vm, but while it is powered off, select settings, and for cd/dvd-rom, make sure you enable passthrough. then that error should go away.

i do not remember having this problem with vmware”

davids you nailed this one correctly for me, we are using the latest version of VM, once I set the CD/DVD to Access the Disk Directly, the installation went off without failure.

Its pretty sad to say that I have to get to the very last post on any site to find the solutions to the problems.

if your are using virtualbox, after creating vm, but while it is powered off, select settings, and for cd/dvd-rom, make sure you enable passthrough. then that error should go away.

i do not remember having this problem with vmware.

Do not use the same dvd rom. When burn image on dvd use one dvd-rom but when install change it and use another. For me it helped 🙂

I have tried 12 times today with all permutations and combination of the suggested solutions here….. still no luck !!
I am a Mac User and trying to build this for someone else…… oh boy !! Is M$ shitty or what?

I ran into this once last night and twice tonight (Vista from Technet download/Burned using ImageBurn). Took the DVD out after the second time tonight, gave it a quick wipe, re-started the installation and no problems… yet…

I´m having the same problem… Why is it that microsoft always releases crap that you have to tweak or crack or whatever by your self for it to work… My next computer is going to be an Apple… Hate Bill and his mobsters…

Had same problem, trying a120 at a slower rate, will post results

i can’t found the install.wim file.

i have just down loaded parallels for Max Os X.4 & 2 vista boot disks

i am getting this error with one of them install.wim & with the other i am getting winload.exe .. another common error

with it being on parallels on a mac . im not sure if the mentioned solutions will work .. does anyone have any answers please email me a solution 🙂

I checked another site and someone mentioned something about switching the DVD drive because they must have tilted their older DVD drive and had possible previous issues.

That gave me an idea… holy crap, I’m tilting my DVD drive (my computer looks like it has an octopus hanging out the side of it due to switching drives here and there)!

Well, I leveled my DVD drive, and it worked perfectly. =/

I guess I never thought that was an issue (maybe I’m just a n00blet). However, I had other issues not related to this afterwards. But I thought I’d post what I found here!

Re-Upload file INSTALL.WIM please!

Changing the drive works. You can use dvdburn from the windows driver kit to ensure that it is not the drive burning software! WDK is a free download for Windows XP, Vista and server 2003.

It seems that I had the partition table issue too. Vista installer didn’t proceed with reading original dvd (still 0%) until after some minutes it stated that it couldn’t find Install.wim file (error code 0x8007045D).

I was installing on a ntfs partition from a previous installation that was reformatted by Vista installer.

I restarted the installation and deleted that partition and created a new one. That time it worked all ok.

yeh but wtf is arzii on?

neway i just reburned it at lowest speed using alcohol 120% and it worked, imgburn screwed it up

INSTALL.WIM Do Not DRAG! Copy And Paste!
By Copying And Pasting! It Will Pick Up All Files!
But No1 Can Open A .WIM File Accept Microsoft!
Blain Bill Gates ! 😀

I found that the issue was with my hard drive.

I used the Hirens boot cd to fix the drive using partition magic, restarted, formatted the hard drive in partition magic, then proceeded with the vista installation.

Same DVD install disc, no problems. It seems that having a problem in the drive table was affecting the ability to copy the files to the c drive.

Vistas format and drive selection was selecting a partition and formatting partitions without correcting potential disc errors.

I had the same problems, but with a original retail DVD of Windows Vista.
That means that i haven’t burned it.

Anyway, my solution was to let the setup run normally. Then, after it copied the files and tried to unpack them, it got the error message. I then used the recovery thing in the main install screen to open up the command screen (cmd).
I typed in setup.exe (while in the directory X:\sources) and the setup ran again. This time it worked.

This is a difficult solution but it worked for me.

I had the same problem, I changed the DVD drive with another one (same model and brand) and same error. I changed it over to a different brand and it worked. I was getting confused because an XP installation would work fine.

THE ANSWER IS : change the drive / firmware might work.

Check memory !!!!

same problem here.please give me some links were I can find the program for copy cd-s with low speed

error code: 0x80070002

i have the same problem. i mount the image and the error is there. it did not even extract by poweriso. any suggestions

Same problem here, using original eMachines Opertating System Install disk with the original DVD±RW drive that came with system… No idea…

I flashed my BIOS, flashed my DVD drive. Same problem. I tried to copy everything from the disk (original from Microsoft) to my computer and that works fine… but during installation – nope.

Right now I have downloaded the CD version instead of DVD version of the installation and will soon burn disk instead of using the original one and see what happens…

The answer is it is a combination of things. Try upgrading your firmware on your DVD drive. Try another DVD drive.

I have the exact same problem and I am using the original disk sent to me from Microsoft as a part of my MSDN subscription. I have tried several times and get this error every time. Any suggestions?

Ive got this problem too, i just took the CD out at the error screen put it in another pc (again to check the file was there) and after reading that put it back into my notebook and reran the install and worked? go figure.

The ultimate conclusion was a combination of the software used to make the disc, the type of DVD, and the burn speed it was burned with. I was using the Vista image from MSDN so I ultimately figured out I had a good image.

After I burned the DVD at 1x using another program (and a firmware upgrade on the dvd drive) it has worked fine ever since.

I am having the same problem.. so did you got any conclusion?

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