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Krabbing With Keith

2013 Dates – May 29th – June 3rd

Plans for 2013 are already in the works and it is time to start thinking if you are going to join us in 2013.

2013 is going to be COMPLETELY different. New location, more things to do, and a real deep sea adventure thrown in. I’m happy to announce that “Catfishing with Keith” is officially being renamed to “Krabbing with Keith on the Koast”. That’s right… for 2013 (and the future) we are going to enjoy the *Salt Life*. We’ll be enjoying the beautiful views of Back Back in Biloxi, MS.

New Twitter account is: http://twitter.com/krabbingwkeith

I’m in the process of finalizing a beautiful house on Back Bay Biloxi, complete with a dock to park our boats. The location is absolutely *perfect*. Here’s a link if you’d like to take a sneak peek:

http://www.vacationrentals.com/vacation-rentals/69789.html (you’ll notice it sleeps 10+, there is plenty of room we’ll use blowup beds for the rest, first to put in deposits get real beds)

As I said 2013 is going to be completely different so let me fill you in on what’s changing. To start with we are going to be right on the Gulf of Mexico so the location is changing. There’s so much to do from fishing to casinos to barrier islands to charter boats, places to eat right on the water and beautiful beaches. Those flying in will have a short 20 minute ride to the house so it is easier to access. Bad news is for those that have driven in the past it is about 5 hours further South. Driving from Michigan for example is 16 hours so I expect most to fly in.

The Biloxi Boardwalk Marina (where I dry rack my boat) is supposed to have Pontoon rentals but there is no guarantee they will and honestly after talking with multiple veterans of the trip we don’t even think we’ll need to rent them anyway for a couple reasons. One, we should have plenty boats that if everyone wants to load up and go to the beach we can get everyone there. Two, instead of renting a boat we suggest taking advantage of the hundreds of charter captains on the Biloxi coast. Pooling your money together you could easily take several trips and come out cheaper and catch a lot more fish.

Another great perk about the new location is there are tons of great places to eat right on the water and the nightlife is great for those that want to venture out when it gets dark.

When I talked to the crew that went last year they were all for moving our location as long as we could keep two things intact. One, the comradery. Everyone loves having that central place where everyone hangs out, relaxes, enjoys the view. And two, the food. The new location will support both of those although we are going to cut down on the amount of cooking (more later) we are going to do as there are so many places to eat and enjoy in the area it definitely makes sense to enjoy the area more. Bottom line is if you’ve gone in the past, the *feel* of the event is going to be the same, just different location and more things to do. It is going to be awesome.

I mentioned the numerous charters available in Biloxi and we are going to take advantage of it. On Friday May 31st (or Sunday June 2nd if the Captain can move us to Sunday) we are going to charter a BIG FREAKIN’ BOAT and go offshore deep sea fishing and who knows what we’ll catch. There are charter boats that can accommodate our entire crew. And they do everything for us, we just show up and have a great time. It’ll be a great way to see the Gulf and catch some really awesome fish.

The boat booked is called the SIlver Dollar III. It is one of the finest charter boats on the coast (seriously it is super nice). We’ll be doing a 10 hour fishing trip, here is the website to the boat:
The captain has 40 years of fishing experience and a great guy. You’ll also appreciate the catamaran hull, they are smooth and don’t bounce around like a v-hull.
  • Tuesday – Early arrivers / helpers show up late Tuesday afternoon
  • Wednesday – Everyone arrives whenever, crawfish boil Wednesday night
  • Thursday – Do whatever you want during the day (rent a charter, relax, go fishing, go to the casino, doesn’t matter)
  • Friday – Offshore Fishing Charter on Silver Dollar III
  • Saturday – Do whatever you want during the day (rent a charter, relax, go fishing, go to the casino, doesn’t matter)
  • Sunday – Do whatever you want (Grasshoper Island as example)
  • Sunday Night – Fish fry
  • Monday – Pack up and head home

NOTE: Once we get closer to the dates I”ll be checking with all the local places on the water to see who has live bands, karoke, whatever going on. I’ll then fill in the schedule with some more solid things we’re doing. 

FOOD for 2013
 We are going to cook breakfast every morning to get everyone going. Thus everyone can do whatever they want. If you want to self organize and grill go for it. Eat out, go for it. Make a sandwich, go for it. You guys are big boys I’m sure you won’t go hungry. 🙂

We’ll also be doing the crawfish boil on Wednesday (as normal) and the Fish Fry on Sunday evening (as normal). We’ll fill in another evening meal with some grilling I’m sure.

$ – Costs – $

Shared House Cost for 2013 – $450 (only 1 spot left as of 3/11/2013)

We can only put up to 20 guys in the house. Once we hit his number, those signing up late will have to book a local motel room nearby.

You get: Lodging, 4 Breakfast meals, 3 Dinner / Supper meals (with an authentic crawfish boil), a 8-10 hour off shore adventure on the Silver Dollar III, drinks, and memories that will last a life time. 

If you know you are going please get your funds in now. You can PayPal k e i t h @ k e i t h e l d e r . n e t  to reserve your spot before they run out.

Charter Cost for 2013 – $200

If you want to just join us on the charter boat for Friday the cost is $200. You’ll need to have WHITE SOLED SHOES to get on the boat. Bring your own food and drinks. The $200 should cover cost of charter and tip but if we are short on the tip for the deckhands you’ll be expected to help out with that. 

Cost For Those Not Staying at Shared House – $125

If you didn’t get signed up in time to stay at the shared house then pay $125 to cover the crawfish boil, fish fry, drinks and other meals we cook. If you want to go on the charter boat with us too then add the $200 for that bringing your total to $325. There are some pretty creative options you can look at if you don’t get into the shared house. First one is just get a cheap motel room nearby. Second option is if you have access to a camper, stay at one of the nearby RV parks. There are some on the water not that far from the house even! If you have money to burn, stay at one of the casinos. 


Airport – Fly into GPT (Gulfport International)

Rental – you really don’t need one if you are staying at the house, but if you want your own way to explore, knock yourself out


For those looking to charter a boat a day or two for inshore fishing, or fishing on the islands Captain Travis (who I know personally) can put you on the fish. He can take up to 6 guys in his boat and he has connections to other guides that can sync up if two or more boats wanted to run together. Rates for his stuff is here:
You’ll catch  speckled trout, redfish, flounder, shark, etc. If you do the math, you could charter with Travis and have two 8 hour trips (thur/sat) and spend the same amount of money that was spent by each person for a pontoon the last several years. AND… all you do is show up, he provides bait, tackle, etc. These charters are great deals and they put you on the fish.