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Zapp’s Spicy Creole Tomato Chips Too Good For Words

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Food | Posted on 01-11-2006


Zapps Spicy Creole Tomato, spiked with TabascoAfter blogging for about 5-6 years this is my first food post and it just so happens it is one that I need everyone’s help with. Some back story first. Last night I went shopping at the grocery store to restock on basic food groups: Cokes, Meat, Cheese, Bread, Chips. While cruising down the chip aisle I stopped in the Zapp’s potato chip section as I normally do. For those of you that aren’t in the know, Zapp’s makes the best flavors of chips. Since they are made Louisiana and I live one hour from said state, you can find them pretty easily here. However, when I lived in Ann Arbor, MI, the only place you could find them there was in Zingermans Deli. Anyway, as I starred at the Zapp’s selections I noticed a new ‘Limited Edition” flavor called Spicy Creole Tomato, Spiked with Tabasco. For those that know me, you know they had me at Spicy. I picked up two bags to restock the Chips food group. After getting home and getting all the basic food groups unpacked I grabbed a bag to see what flavor was in store. As soon as the first chip hit my mouth I exerted, “Umm Zapp’s, why are you so good to me!!!!!!”. Upon first bite I knew that I couldn’t live without this limited edition chip in my life. I vowed to call Zapp’s and let them know. Spring forward to now, it is during lunch on Tuesday. I called Zapp’s and spoke to Richard, head of marketing, and expressed my deepest concern if they were going to remove my newly found favorite chip from their product line. I explained the basic five food groups to him and he agreed that having only four food groups would be a tradegy. As Richard explained, the chip is doing very well right now and selling like hot cakes. I’m not surprised. He did say that as long as they continue to sell, they will stick around. This is where you, my avid blog reader comes in. Help me fight the good fight and keep Spicy Creole Tomato spiked with tabasco on the shelves for all to enjoy. Together we can make a difference. Place your orders on http://www.zapps.com today or call their toll free number 1-800-HOT-CHIP to express your love for the chip as I did. Together we can build a better tomorrow.”