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Video: WCF Deployment Strategies on Channel9

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Videos, WCF, Web Services | Posted on 02-09-2009


image A month or so ago I had the pleasure of being a guest on Geek Speak and the show is finally up on Channel9!  I showed how to deploy a complex WCF service from scratch that supported multiple bindings including:

  • basicHttpBinding
  • wsHttpBinding
  • netTcpBinding
  • netMsmqBinding


There isn’t a lot of information on how to setup this type of WCF service in IIS/WAS especially when it comes to setting up the queues.  After everything is deployed within IIS and WAS, I run some benchmarks to show the different speeds between the different bindings as well as against ASMX.  Which one do you think will win?

You can listen in to the show here:


You can download the solution I used here:

Holidays, Codemash and Grown Men Playing Video Games

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Speaking, Videos | Posted on 15-01-2009



I trust everyone had a great Holiday season.  This Christmas and New Years I felt like all I did was travel.  Ellen and I visited my Mom in Columbus, MS where all of my family gathered for Christmas.  Just as soon as I had recovered physically from playing with nephews and nieces during Christmas it was time to head to Codemash. 

The Mashing of The Code

Codemash was great this year and a totally different experience from the past several years.  For starters, several of us combined our funds together and got a suite at the Kalahari (thanks to Jeff and Carla McWherter for the idea). 

I was a little bit nervous at first about the suite but knew we had great chemistry among us and that’s all you need.  It turns out we saved major $$ getting the suite and got to play cards and stuff at night.  Truly a blast.

It was late Tuesday night when Jeff Blankenburg approached me and said he needed some help.  Wednesday was the pre-compiler for Codemash and Josh Holmes had a family emergency.  He wasn’t going to be able to make the pre-compiler.  I didn’t register for the pre-compiler because I had planned on just sitting in my room working on slides, demos, catching up on bills and email since I hadn’t been near a computer with an Internet connection very long. 

Jeff asked if I would step in and do an Intro to .Net since Josh wasn’t there.  It just so happens that I had just completed a whole series on “Back to the Basics” with three new slide decks covering an intro to .Net, Visual Studio and C#.  With zero preparation I stepped into the pre-compiler room at 8:30 AM the next morning just in time to kick off the Intro to .Net Track.  Three hours later I was done and came out of the track worn slap out.  No matter what someone says, speaking for that long is tiring.

Thursday afternoon I gave my talk on Demystifying Windows Communication Foundation.  After I spoke, several of us carried the conversation out to the open tables where we hashed out a lot of stuff for several hours and I somehow I wound up giving an adhoc CSLA talk.  That evening was the mixer and this year was awesome.  Good friends Carl Franklin, Dustin Campbell, and Darryl Hogan put on a heck of a show at the jam session.  They played Stormy Monday, Kansas and some other stuff.  Very cool.

Friday was recording day for Deep Fried Bytes as well as the battle of the Rock Band competition.  Woody and I recorded 3 or 4 shows from Codemash that we’ll be publishing soon.  Jeff Blankenburg, Jonathon Thorndycraft and myself formed a Rock Band to compete.  We made the Battle of the Bands top three and competed only to come in third.  SRT, watch out next year, we are taking you guys down!

BTW, if you want the slide deck from Codemash for WCF, you’ll find it here:  http://keithelder.net/presentations/

Grown Men Doing What?

After Codemash I rode back to Michigan where I stayed with fellow teammate Brad Lloyd.  Brad had a LAN party on Saturday where 6 grown men sat around playing video games for about 12 hours.  It has been awhile since I took part in a LAN party and it was fun to play even if I did get slaughtered.

Brad made a time elapsed video of the LAN party and needed some non-copyrighted music, so I gave him the DFB theme music to use.  Overall an interesting week to say the least.  Here is the video enjoy!

Video of Me Singing Rockaroake at the MVP Summit

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Funny Stuff, Videos | Posted on 23-04-2008


What better way to end the MVP Summit than to have a really cool party at the Experience Music Project|Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle, WA.

Joe Healy sent me the video he of me signing on stage during Rockaroake while I was on stage singing a little Garth Brooks, Friends in Low Places (link below).  It was a blast!  Some of you may have heard rumors about how I broke “Rockaroake” that night but really I didn’t break anything.  Here is Jim’s quote:

Seeing Keith Elder get on stage and sing karaoke (and break the process) nearly paid the price of admission for me.

The back story is right when we hit the first verse of the song Ryan Olshan jumped on stage to join in the chorus.  The only problem was he was, well…. he was a little too happy at the moment to join in.  Right behind him was Javier Lazano, his wife, Nick Parker and his wife.  As soon as everyone hit the stage the band stopped playing and everything shut down.  Basically the MC said no fun was allowed and that everyone can’t come up on stage and for everyone to get off the stage.  Ok, so maybe I broke it a little.  The band then restarted the song.  John Kellar and Jason Follas were in the back of the room dying laughing and thus John tweeted:


Very funny John!  Of course I didn’t break it.  I guess the MC did.  Anyway.  It was a blast.  Here is the video of the performance after things got going again.  Enjoy.


Silverlight Link to video: http://keithelder.net/videos/mvpsummit2008/default.html

Media:  http://keithelder.net/videos/mvpsummit2008/SongsOfWisdom.wmv


Video: Comparing More Than One File At a Time in Visual Studio

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Visual Studio has long supported the concept of opening more than one file.  Most all IDE tools and text editors support this concept so it is nothing new.  In Visual Studio as files are opened they are displayed along the top in tabs (also a standard convention).  This allows developers to switch between files they are working on easily.  However there are times when developers need to compare two files at the same time.  Using Tabbed Groups developers can view files vertically or horizontally.  There is also the ctrl-tab feature which allows developers to quickly switch between files they have open.  Here is a video that shows how this is done.  (the video is below, requires Silverlight)


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