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Video: WCF Deployment Strategies on Channel9

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Videos, WCF, Web Services | Posted on 02-09-2009

image A month or so ago I had the pleasure of being a guest on Geek Speak and the show is finally up on Channel9!  I showed how to deploy a complex WCF service from scratch that supported multiple bindings including:

  • basicHttpBinding
  • wsHttpBinding
  • netTcpBinding
  • netMsmqBinding


There isn’t a lot of information on how to setup this type of WCF service in IIS/WAS especially when it comes to setting up the queues.  After everything is deployed within IIS and WAS, I run some benchmarks to show the different speeds between the different bindings as well as against ASMX.  Which one do you think will win?

You can listen in to the show here:


You can download the solution I used here:

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