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Quake Anyone?

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in PC Gaming | Posted on 31-07-2001


Due to popular demand, I have relaunched my Quake III Q3F Server. It is back up and running 24/7. Hopefully we will see some of you on the server sometime. If you have no idea what I am talking about then you should checkout this page. Both have a lot to say about the First Person Shooter. We run a mod version of Quake III called “Q3F. It is a rather large download but well worth it. Enjoy!

You can get to the server by simply entering “zorka.com” in the server preferences of Quake.

Updated: 11/28/2004 The quake server is no longer running in case you were wondering.

Goodbye to Indrema

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Linux, PC Gaming | Posted on 12-04-2001


Last year we posted an article about Indrema and their very cool linux gaming console. Althought the idea was great, call it bad timing. Their site is still up as nothing has happened but they have let all of their employees go. They only had about 50 employees at any one time. They let the remainder of their employees go last week. That is to bad. The idea was good, they should have just given it to someone else who could have done something with it. Good bye Indrema!

Anonymous Player Revealed

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in PC Gaming | Posted on 17-12-2000


It seems an anonymous player has been revealed who plays on ZorKa.Com’s Q3F server. The ever so popular “Spork” has had his identity mask lifted.

3DFX Sells to nVidia

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Computer Hardware, PC Gaming | Posted on 16-12-2000


Talk about a turn of events. Just when you thought 3DFX was about to make a come back with their new release of the Voodoo 5000 we get hit with news like this. Today 3dfx announced a move to be purchased and absorbed by nVidia. All I want is a 100% compatible Linux video card that is 100% supported for gaming. I really don’t care who makes it as long as it works. Hopefully something good will come out of it but we will not know for another few months.

Fixed Q3F Stats

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in PC Gaming | Posted on 07-12-2000


A few people wrote in and said on a few browsers they couldn’t load the Quake stats. I fixed it and they look a lot better now as well.