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VncViewer & VncServer

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Open Source, PC Software | Posted on 29-07-2000

I have been playing with a couple of new apps for quite awhile but thought I would share it with the rest of you. VNC is a an open source package that allows one to display a remote Linux, Windows (and other platforms) to their local workstation. Example, you want get to your desktop at the office but are at home. Simple, start vncserver on the workstation in the office and then run vncviewer on your PC at home. You can then control your PC in the office. This is not a new concept but if you have several hundred dollars I am sure that Symantec won’t mind taking your money for PCAnywhere that only runs on Windows.

Although this package works on both Linux and Windows, Linux is the preferred method of running the application since X-Windows was built to run remote applications anywhere anyway. Although I don’t have enough room here to go into detail about setup, installation, etc. it is something work checking out. Here is a screen shot of me using my PC workstation and then also controlling my laptop’s desktop accross the lan. Oh, and by the way don’t ever run the window manager Enlightenment with VNC, bad things will happen.

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