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Big House Rocked and we Won!

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Sports | Posted on 02-09-2000

Michigan rolled over Bowling Green in a 42 to 7 victory today as Navarre made his debute with the Wolverines. Over 110,000 screaming Michigan fans were in attendance. We were seated in the South end-zone almost on level with the playing field and happened to be mixed in with a couple of BGFU fans. A couple of of BG fans were a little rowdy at the start, but were quited after Michigan quickly sprang 14 points ahead. The funniest part of the game was when the BG cheerleaders jumped up on the rails and did a UMich cheer with the fans! The BG crowd didn’t take to kindly to this and there will probably be a write up in their paper this week about the incident. One fan said “They just wanted to cheer for a winner for once”.

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