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What Does ZorKa Stand For?

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in General | Posted on 13-09-2000

As I have told people in the past, the name ZorKa was made up during college. You’ll find the short meaning of ZorKa on the ZorKa.Com web site. However, Rut was kind enough to send me what I think is the longest explanation of the word “ZorKa” to date. Thanks Rut!

“Your first name of Zorka has created a deep, sensitive, refined nature with an intelligent mind. As you are articularly clever along business lines, and have mathematical ability and a keen appreciation of material values, you are inclined towards the business world. You would do well in a managerial position, as you have executive ability and a poised manner able to take charge and see that procedures are followed. You appreciate the finer things of life and look for quality in your material possessions. Your sensitivity and rather reserved manner make it very difficult for people really to know you. It is by actions rather than words that you show your regard for others. Your reticence has caused you to suffer aloneness and to live much within your own thoughts. You love to read, and are touched very deeply by the beauties of nature.”

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