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Memory != Hard Drive

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Computer Hardware | Posted on 24-10-2000

I normally don’t post work related stuff on here but I couldn’t resist this one.

A gentleman came into our store a few days ago and ordered a peice of memory for a Gateway Notebook. One of the sales guys ordered the memory and it came in today and we called him to come and pick it up. About 5:30, I answered the phone and a person asked to speak with one of our associates (who sold him the memory). He wasn’t available so he asked if I could help, I said sure. The man went on to tell me that he ordered a peice of memory for his notebook and he said it wasn’t working. I asked him to explain what he meant by “It wasn’t working” and he stated that when he bought the memory he had 64MB of memory in the notebook and that his upgrade was suppose to upgrade him to 192MB of memory. However, when he was using Word and went to save a document there wasn’t another hard drive listed in the menu! Of course at this point I was about to loose it, but maintained my composure and explained that he purchased RAM (Random Access Memory) and not a hard drive. We checked the system properties and sure enough he had 192MB of memory installed in the machine.

This raises the age old question. Should the US Government require a license to operate a Computer like they do a Car?

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