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When will people learn?

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Funny Stuff | Posted on 04-11-2000

windows errorI was channel surfing tonight and I stumbled across the following screen on my TV. First let me say, no, I didn’t make this up. It is from a local Ann Arbor station that puts adds on TV. I decided to take a snap shot because no one believes me when I find this kind of stuff. I mean really folks, would you use a Microsoft product that you had to depend on day in and day out? By the way, if you are in the Detroit/A2 area, this came off of channel 15. The only thing Windows can do on a consistent basis is crash.

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Thanks! I just updated and moved the blog around so some things were a little broken. Fixed.

Your image is a broken link
– win7, Chrome, 2/2/11 @ 16:09EST

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