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Linux 2.4 Kernel pre-released

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Linux, Programming | Posted on 03-01-2001

One of our readers sent us this story posted on Yahoo which covers the pre-release of the 2.4 kernel for Linux. Linus Torvalds states in the release that he isn’t projecting the 2.4 official release however we have to note this is the 4th time rumors of the official release have been spread.This isn’t a bad thing that it is taking this long. I think most of the Linux community will agree that we don’t want the new kernel unless it is stable and very well debugged. I have been playing with 2.4test<1-10> for awhile now and it is only getting better. If there is one wish I had this New Years it is that whoever comes up with these hardware standards would put it into a Linux kernel before the product is released. I know it is wishful thinking but surely we could have standards for the standards…?

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