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Intel’s new Chip goes head to head with Transmeta

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Computer Hardware | Posted on 30-01-2001

A story carried by Cnet and released on Yahoo tells us about the new battle heating up between Intel and Transmeta. Last year Transmeta released the new Crusoe chip which brought us a chip that consumed much less power than today’s chip giving notebooks about 6 hours of battery life. Intel Tuesday released its new chip, PIII 500MHz, which according to Intel is “the lowest-power-consuming PC processor that has ever been built”. Some may remember IBM dropping the Crusoe line of Thinkpads last year due to marketing, testing and other things. Well, it turns out that IBM has adopted Intel’s new chip in the Japanese market and is getting about 5 hours on a single battery. If anyone is going to win this battle it is the consumer.

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