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XFL offers football fans a new twist to the game

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 04-02-2001

Fireworks, cheerleaders, and a WWF theme are just a few of the things that are different about XFL vs NFL. If you didn’t tune in Saturday night to the XFL then you missed a real treat. The XFL brings us a few new rules to the game of football. I remember that one of the biggest things to get used to were the new sounds and the new “look”. The XFL interviews players right after they make a big play during the game and you can here all of the calls from the line as well as what the coaches say to players. It is a different twist for sure. Another thing that is different are the camera angles. At first I found them a little hard to get used to. If you watch 20 something years of football you get used to the same shots right? I found the XFL to be a breath of life to football. It brings a lot of football and in your action that the NFL has taken out of the league. At times it gets a little weird with the WWF flavor but hopefully they will tone that down. Let us know what you think if you caught the game last night.

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