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Perl vs PHP

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Open Source, PHP, Programming | Posted on 08-02-2001

It is slowly becoming the classic argument among Unix web developers. Which language is better, Perl or PHP? Having touched way more PHP code than Perl code, I am of course biased. However today I spoke with a die hard advocate of Perl today and he spent about 10 minutes trying to explain to me how fast Perl was, how it could connect to different databases, mod this, mod that, yada yada yada. After hanging up he sent me about 10 different examples of how PHP cannot do the things Perl can do. One of the ones he sent was….

Main Program use Databasehandler; my $statement = “Select * from brooklyn”; $ref = $obj->records($statement);# This returns a refer to an array of refs which PHP can not do correctly Walk through the entire table for $tmp(@$ref){ for $tmp2(@tmp){#this completely is not possible in PHP because of noice print $tmp2; } }

Am I missing something here? I just don’t see it. What do you think?

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