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Handspring releases 5th new Visor – The smallest one yet

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Mobile Devices | Posted on 13-03-2001

It’s slim. It’s sleek. It’s expandable. And it’s rechargeable too!
That pretty much sums up the new Visor Edge by Handspring released today. This is the 5th line of Visors released by Handspring. Read further for more details. The Visor Edge is a skinny .44 inches in depth and has as weight of just 4.8 oz. For those of you familiar with other Handspring products the Edge also supports the SpringBoard Modules (camera, gps, mp3 player, mobile phone, etc). Compared to some of the other models offered by Handspring this one checks about middle of the pack as far as price at $399.00. This is not their top of the line model as the Visor Prism still holds the title of “King Visor” and checks in at $449.00. I guess it is a trade off of color or size between the Prism and Edge. So for those of you who enjoy big things in small packages put your order in for the Edge, otherwise if you are like ZorKa and need all the frills, go for the Prism.

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