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Carry your files around your neck, or on a key chain

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Computer Hardware | Posted on 21-03-2001

Most everyone will know what USB is today. If you don’t then visit USB.Org. There is a new device out which will allow you to store up to 256MB of data onto a single device which can be held on your key chain or even around your neck. “Flash USB DRIVE is a compact, light and portable storage device. This next-generation storage device allows you to save your important data on a Flash USB Drive. USB port allows the fastest data transfer. You don’t need a separate power device or cable. Just plug it into the USB port of your computer and it installs immediately. On your desktop, the Flash USB Drive looks and functions just like another hard drive. The Flash USB Drive is also portable. Carry it on a strap around your neck, slip it into your pocket, or hang it on your key chain. Now you can take your favorite movie, music and graphics library with you wherever you go! ”

For more information on this really cool device visit their home page at: Usbdrive.

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