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Which platform and which desktop?

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in PC Software | Posted on 03-04-2001

Have you ever said to yourself, “If I could start over and get what I wanted in a computer, I would get a blank.” I bumped into an article from Zdnet here that sorta touches on this topic. I have been a fan of just about everything at one time or another. However, I find myself coming back to an Enlightenment desktop more times than not (and don’t try running your P200 on it either). However, this article raises the question, right now who wins the desktop war? The authors vote in the practical sense for Windows 2K because of its stability but he prefers KDE on a Caldera machine. I would personally classify Caldera and KDE the worst torture on a desktop imagineable, but to each his own right? So, this opens up the question:

“What are you running, why, and if you had your druthers what would like to run?”

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