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Another case of stupidity trying to fight back

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Internet, Linux | Posted on 04-04-2001

I personally think this is funny as heck. Hmm, let’s see. When Red Hat filed its IPO in 1999, the stock market went crazy and people became millionaires over night (meaning the people that work there). I call it funny money and a lot of stupidity. I mean come on, anyone that buys a share of stock at $150.00 on a company that has only been selling about 3 Million dollars worth of software a year has got to be STUPID! This slight rant on the whole IPO/Stock Market thing steams from an article I found HERE on Yahoo. Basically it is talking about the IPO of RH back in ’99. It seems the stupid people of the stock market are trying to fight back and sue RH (they are also going after VA Linux). I simply call this “stupid people trying to fight back.”

I was stupid in buying stock at $150.00 and now I want someone to pay for my stupidity. GIVE ME A BREAK! I say they get what they deserve. To me this is just common sense but some people just don’t get it. I couldn’t belive that people were paying this much for a company who’s sales are simply pathetic. Now, it is true they actually are selling a lot more today, but they are by no means in the fortune 500. I say if you were stupid enough to buy into the whole thing then sorry, you loose!

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