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New personal Linux server

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Computer Hardware, Linux | Posted on 11-05-2001

What if I told you that you could buy a “personal server”? With an easy setup and auto network detection, the Servio hopes to take control of you local lan soon.

Startup Memora Corp. is attempting to create a new product category–the “personal server.” A name reminiscent of “personal computer,” the term “personal server” is meant to convey the idea of an appliance-like device that performs a range of useful services and can be easily installed and operated by nontechnical users in their homes. Accordingly, the company is billing its initial product offering, the Servio Personal Server, as “the first ‘personal server’ for the home.”

You can read more about the servio here, but at $1400.00 are you sure you want to? The home page of the Servio is here.

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Six years later (2007) … fish out old PC from attic/trash, boot linux live-CD (DamnSmallLinux for example), in a terminal window, verify it sees net, etc. Use cfdisk, wipe old OS off hd, then dsl-hdinstall. Now you have a linux box. Then download the Apache MyDSL module. Voila! Your own personal linux server, cost: not much, probably free.

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