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Go see Shrek

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 19-05-2001

“Shrek hit the theaters yesterday and is getting rave reviews for its animation and graphics. Everyone remembers the Toy Story series which was done by Pixar. Shrek is done in the same style, however, with much more flare! I was amazed at the opening scenes at what they have done with the animation. It is truely amazing to say the least. Get up from your chair now and go see it! It is worthy of noting that the movie was made using Linux workstations and servers instead of SGI or Microsoft based platforms. Studios in Hollywood are making a change as we speak to embrace the open source movement. The first movie known to use Linux to render images was “Titantic”. Linux was used in this film in ’96 to render the water.

Back to the movie. A great look, adult humor (don’t take the kids), Eddie Murphy was absolutey funny (he played the voice of the talking donkey) and a love story to boot. What more could one want?”

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