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Deep Fried Bytes Episode #27: Present and Future of the C# Language

Listen To This Episode  http://deepfriedbytes.com/podcast/episode-27-present-and-future-of-the-csharp-language/  In this episode we sat down with Mads Torgersen, Language PM for C# at Microsoft, at the Codemash 2009 conference.  We discussed a variety of languages including Beta, Self, IronPython,...

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ZorKa gets a new Jeep Liberty

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Man Toys | Posted on 23-06-2001

Sorry for not posting much news lately (nobody has sent me any). I have also been real busy with a couple of new sites I have launched, RipleyHigh.Com (for my alma mater), and working on PHP training material.

In the process of all of this I manage to have time to get a new vehicle, a Jeep Liberty. Read more for the details. 2001 Jeep Liberty
The Liberty is a new SUV which Jeep came out with a few weeks ago. I have been looking at SUV’s for about 3 months now trying to find the best fit for Ellen and I. I have test drove just about all of them and the minute I set foot in the Liberty, I knew it was the winner. Here is more info on Yahoo about the vehicle. Cruise on by the Jeep Liberty Home page as well.