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My store was shutdown!

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Funny Stuff, Internet | Posted on 14-09-2001

I don’t think this story can have ANY more irony in it. It seems that after Chugadie and I created our online store yesterday it has been shutdown by Abdul Popal who works for CafePress.Com. Here is the leter that I received: Before you read the following letter, you may want to read the previous post which will give you the whole story from HERE.

Here are the pictures that were posted on the store:
Bin Laden
Bin Laden Text
Bin Laden Big
Bin Laden Med

Also, if you do a search on Google.Com for the person’s name who sent this, you will quickly learn that his name is an Afghanistan name. Is this a biased ruling? Maybe. Maybe not. I do find it extremely suspicious.

From: “Abdul Popal” X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.50.4133.2400 Subject: Cafepress.com store Please be advised that your store located at www.cafepress.com/zorka has been +closed. Per our members agreement you cannot sell any merchandise which +infringes on the rights of someone else, in this instance you do not own the +copyrights for the image you are using for your store. Further as stated in +our members agreement your store content cannot be directed towards any +particular race or group of people. Please let us know if you have any questions. CafePress.com

The link to the “new” store is HERE.

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