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Web server on a Tandy 8088

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Computer Hardware, Funny Stuff, Internet | Posted on 06-12-2001

One of my good friends who likes to play with old technology and make it do something weird and unusal sent me a link to his latest experiment. It seems he has turned a Tandy 8088 into a web server. That is right, 8088, Tandy, web server.

The software

“Our cool 8088 web server runs a custom version of JNOS, a KA9Q NET variant. There does not seem to be any central support site for this stuff, but you may find much of it simply seraching for “JNOS”. Our server runs MSDOS version 3.1 + JNOS 1.11f and was custom compiled with Borland C++ 3.1 for our application. This stuff is awsome and was WAY ahead of it’s time when it was originally written some 12-13 years ago. Of course much development has been done on it since it originally started way back then. You can download this stuff from many places on the net. We are also making it available here for download, should you wish to try it out on one of your own computers. Our compiled version will run on just about anything including the slowest IBM XT with only a floppy drive! You may contact me if you need compiling information.”

Location on the web

You can check out the site for information on how he did it, what he is using and so on here:

Tandy Web Server Site

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