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First Super Bowl Commercial results in

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in General | Posted on 04-02-2002

It is the end of the first quarter of Super Bowl 36 and I already see a really really really stupid move on a company’s part called mlife.com (don’t worry clicking on it right now becasue their site is down). First off they don’t tell anyone who or what their company does, they just say go to our web site. Well I did and I can’t get there. Maybe you should have thought about 1 million people hitting your web site at the same time. Evidently whoever is running their advertising and marketing didn’t attend all of their classes because even pulling up the Google Cache of their site I still don’t know what they do.

Funniest commercial(s) so far go to Budweiser. The battle bot commercial is by far the funniest and the most touching is the one where the Clydesdale horses pay their respects to the World Trade Center in NY. More later.

ps – mlife.com is running Solaris with Netscape-Enterprise if you are curious
Update – I just found some stuff on mlife.com, read on… It seems mlife.com is tied to AT&T and is suppose to be something to the affect of “Mlife is your life made truly mobile”. Apparently they are wanting to make us connected all the time (which I am in favor for). For more on what I found visit Eweek.Com.

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