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Good bye Life Savers

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Funny Stuff | Posted on 21-02-2002

As most geeks I surround myself with Mountain Dew, chips, and other junk food while I am working for long hours at the computer (which is usually everyday). Part of my junk food includes sugar which I usually get from something I am sure all of us have had from time to time, Life Savers. As of this morning though, I am saying farewell to one of my favorite candies. Why? Well… It turns out Kraft, the maker of Life Savers, is shutting down its Holland, MI plant and re-locating the plant to Canada. This means that over 650 people are going to loose their job, and the Life Saver will no longer be made in the United States.

Being somewhat of a patriot, I cannot and will not support a company or a product which does not help support the land that supports it. I also encourage each of you to re-think your purchase the next time you walk into a store to purchase a Life Saver, even if it is a Cream Saver (their new brand that is absolutely delicious).

The reason Kraft is making the move is they claim the company will save 50% on sugar cost alone, not to mention other manufacturing cost. Do you think they will lower the cost of their product? NO! Of course not! I say increase the price a litle and keep the Life Saver where it belongs, in America.

If you feel as strong about this subject as I do then SPEAK UP and let your voice be heard. Submit your comment below and we will forward this to Kraft in hopes they will listen to reason. If you would like more information on the subject then head over to the Holland Sentinel which has a list of articles on the subject. It seems they have been trying to get Kraft to keep the plan there by giving tax reliefs, incentives, and other perks.

Click here Holland Sentinel

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