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Evolution and Visor Handspring

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Mobile Devices, PC Software | Posted on 08-05-2002

I haven’t posted much news to the site lately and I apologize. I am working on some new howtos (such as this one) and some new PHP tutorials for you guys.

In my spare time I did manage to get my Handspring Visor to work with Evolution (the outlook replacement for Linux). I’ll post a full howto later on but here is the “raw” details of how to get it going.

  1. Grab the latest stable kernel and compile in USB support for your motherboard and kernel. If you are using something like Redhat or Mandrake you don’t have to do this step as they build that in for you.
  2. The newer 2.4.18 kernel moves the usb stuff around from where you may have seen it last so here is where to locate your device: /dev/usb/tts/?. The ? is there because we don’t know which device it is until you press the sync button.
  3. cd to this directory and press the sync button, type ls, and you will see some new files more than likely that were not there, 0, 1 for example. The file owned by you is your device.
  4. start “gnomecc” and setup your pilot (be sure to grab the latest)
  5. install evolution if you haven’t already and install the condiuts package as well
  6. once this is all done, press the sync button and away you go

be this will help get you started.

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