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Selling my Ultimate Linux Workstation

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Computer Hardware, Linux, Open Source | Posted on 08-09-2002

Selling my Ultimate Linux Workstation

I am selling my work station that I spent several years building up. It is a pretty hefty little system considering what all is in it but since I got my Dell laptop I haven’t used it at all really. Sad I know. The processor is not the fastest that is available but all of the other hardware surrounding it is extremely cool and up-to-date still. Since it is an open architecture system you can just upgrade until you are blue in the face. Read more for specs and pricing. Also, sorry I haven’t been posting any news to the site lately, I have been extremely busy launching some new sites.
yes I know the picture is broke, I’ll fix it later For anyone looking for a really cool Linux/windows work station that is 100% compatible this is a great PC. Here are the specs:

 Full Tower Inwin Case (300 watt PS) - case has five 5 1/4 inch bays (all are full at the moment) - case has one floppy bay (full) - case appropiately displays a Debian sticker - 3 8cm fans are also in the case to keep things cool Asus A7V with ATA promise 100 Controller - 7 USB ports, 2 serial, 4 ide controllers onboard total - More info: http://usa.asus.com/mb/socketa/a7v/overview.htm Processor - AMD Athlon 950MHz (no it isn't a duron) Memory - 256MB Hard Drives - Maxtor 20GB ATA 66, 7200RPM - Maxtor 80GB ATA 100, 7200RPM Video Card - GeForce3 Ti 500 AGP - I can't remember the manufacturer off had but the card was $400 - $500 when I bought it when it came out (crazy I know) - 64MB - plays any 3d game in Linux I have thrown at it - More info: http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?PAGE=geforce3 DVD (and MPEG decoder card) - Creative Labs 12X w/ Dxr3 - Dxr?3 decoder board (this is a PCI MPEG decoder card) - More Info: http://www.americas.creative.com/corporate/pressroom/factsheets/info/pcdvd12x.asp CDRW - Hewlett Packard 8x4x32 SCSI CDRW MDL 9200 SCSI Controller - Advansys 3550 Ultra Wide SCSI Controller - powers CDRW and Scanner Tape Drive - Onstream Di30 30GB Tape Drive - yes it works in Linux - comes with a license of BRU (assuming I can find it) - More info: http://www.onstreamdata.com/products/specs_30gb.shtml Sound - Create Labs Sound Blaster Live! w/ live drive - Live Drive included (this is 5 1/4 inch mounted device in the bay which allows you to plug in headphones, midi, and other stuff right on front of the PC, very cool - More Info: http://www.soundblaster.com/products/sblive5.1/specs.asp - Used emu10k1 chipset in linux, works like a champ - Has a lot of cool features Tv Tuner - Hauppauge WinTV Tuner / Radio Card - Works like a champ with xawtv - Capture video or plug up a camera to and you have a web cam Network Card - SMZ PCI (uses ne2kpci.o) Other Media - Iomega 100MB IDE Zip Drive SCSI Scanner - Microtek Scanmaker E3 Scsi Scanner included - More info: http://www.support.microtek.com/~admin/pce3+sspecs.html 

Here is the system value when purchased new:

Case – $100.00
MB – $150.00
Processor – $350.00
Video – $400 – $500 (I think 4)
Memory – $100
DVD/MPEG – $200
SCSI Card – $100
80 HDD – $300
20 HDD – $200
Sound – $200
CDRW – $350
Tape – $300
Zip Drive – $100
Tv Tuner – $100
Scanner – $300

Total: $3250.00 ( I think I wound up spending more, but these are estimates anyway)

Asking price for the setup is: $1,500.00 or best offer, no reasonable offer refused. I will accept Visa, MC, Amex, Discover (surcharge may apply depending on purchasing price), cash and certified checks.

If you want more info on the system feel free to call or email.

(excuse my asking price if you think it is high but there is a lot of hardware in this PC and all of it is name brand stuff, again make an offer)

Use the Contact Us Link on the page if you need more information or want to discuss the machine. I can also be reached via AIM at ZZorKKa.

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