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New toy and new script

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Man Toys, Programming | Posted on 24-10-2002

I picked up a new toy this weekend called the “HipTop” produced by Danger, Inc.. It is the coolest device I have ever owned in terms of a PDA, phone combo. The HipTop is an always on device, the first one of its kind. The bottom line is that I can surf a web page, check email and get instant messages through AIM anytime I want when I am away from the computer. In order to get my addresses into it, I had to convert my data which is stored in JPilot to a different format. I broke out my favorite language, PHP, and whipped up a little conversion script. You can get the script from Convert.php. I will post more about the device later, mainly I wanted to get the script out on the net tonight before I left for a business trip.

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