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Catching up

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Computer Hardware, General, PHP | Posted on 18-12-2002

I’ve been extremely busy lately and have been wanting to make needed changes to the site. However, clients are demanding projects get done, students want their tests graded and my dog wants to go outside to use the bathroom. Everything seems to just pile up and pile up doesn’t it? Well, I’ve been away for sometime so let me get you caught up on what is going on. For starters, my biggest news is that I swtiched to the Mac. I still can’t believe it either, but I have to say that I am extremely happy with my decision to date. I acquired a 867MHz Powerbook Titanium with 1GB of memory (no I don’t have the superdrive model).

Life with the Mac has been fun, exciting and I don’t think I could go back to using a PC. I am not going to repeat everything everyone else has said in their blogs, just read it and believe it.

I also had to purchase a new cell phone recently. I wound up getting the Ericsson T68i which has bluetooth on it and syncs with my Mac. How cool is that? I liked the phone so much I got my wife one on the day after Thanksgiving at Best Buy for $0.00 after rebate, nice I know considering they sell for like $400-$500.00 new without a service plan. Speaking of service plans did you know it is cheaper to drop your current cell provider to buy a new phone than it is to stay with them and just purchase a new phone? Very stupid. I was a 3 year member with Voicestream (T-MOBILE) and wound up dropping them because I wanted the T68i phone which they were going to try to charge me $300.00 for. So, I stopped my service with them and signed up with AT&T and got the phone for $50.00.

I am planning on revamping the site over the holidays, or at least starting it. It has been a little stagnant far to long. Stay tuned, should be some good stuff.

There is other stuff to mention like how cool iMovie is and my new digital camera but I will save that for later. For now check out the announcement for the PHP Crash Course I will be teaching in March. If you are in A2, sign up, it is only $40.00.

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