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M$ releases CD and DVD copy protection

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Internet, PC Software | Posted on 22-01-2003

It seems Microsoft has released a new CD and DVD copyright protection tool which lets recording companies restrict how CDs and DVDs are used on computers. A few companies have already announced they have adopted it. Of course this is built around the windows media player (like anyone uses it). They cliam to be able to limit the number of times a user can play the content on a PC and also claim to be able to restrict copying the content to various removeable media devices (mp3 players etc). I can see the press release from the RIAA now. “We have been working hard with Microsoft to produce a solid way for content providers to protect content and …..” (two weeks later on slashdot) “H4x0R writes, I just cracked the Windows Media DRM technology. It wasn’t that hard actually since the key to unlock the CD or DVD is a MD5 check sum of the song or movie title”.

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