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Amphibious Limo

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Funny Stuff | Posted on 07-03-2003

tuglasolonka sent us a link to a really crazy auction on ebay. The auction has ended but hopefully they will keep this up for awhile, it is worth looking at. If I had $13,000.00 laying around I would have it. Here are some of the specs taken from the auction before you head over to ebay:

  • All factory limo
  • Two stereo systems, driver and cabin
  • Dry bar
  • Cooler
  • Hookups for TV, VCR
  • Intercom system
  • Electric privacy window
  • All driver controls are in factory position and operate as from factory


  • Show winner
  • Used for advertisement
  • Amphibious
  • Used for truck pulls
  • Car crushing

Crazy huh? And it is a LIMO! Here is the LINK.

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