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P-P-P-powerbook (ebay seller scamming the scammer)

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Computer Hardware, Funny Stuff, Internet | Posted on 16-05-2004

I feel sorry for people that sell and buy on Ebay that do not have a working knowledge of the Internet in order to spot a scam. Luckily for this one person, they pulled one of the best documented pranks ever on a scammer on Ebay. It is completely documented with details of what happened. I started reading it, and fell in the floor. Here is the recap of the story.

  1. Guy posts powerbook on ebay
  2. scammer contacts seller
  3. seller figures out real quick it is a scam
  4. leads scammer into thinking he paid for it
  5. ships fake notebook to London and makes scammer pay taxes
  6. Internet friends do recon on the address it is being shipped to and take pictures

You can read the complete story along with the pictures of what the guys shipped here: www.p-p-p-powerbook.com You can also read the full story in pdf image

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