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Treo 300 to Sony T608 to Treo 600

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Mobile Devices | Posted on 29-08-2004

I’ve been using a converged phone device for several years. I started with the Visor Deluxe which had the phone plug-in into it. After that I had got a Treo 300 but found a few limitations of the device. Then I broke my devices back out and got a Sony Clie UX-50 and Sony T608 Bluetooth phone. After awhile, I really missed the converged device so now I am back to the Treo line (after almost purchasing the new HP h6315). Read on for some nice Treo tips. Treo Tips:

  • If you use Mac OS X, and want to use your phone as an Internet connection, then checkout this link on SprintPcsInfo.Com.
  • Download and purchase Snappermail. It is the best mail program for the Treo. It supports things like auto fetch of mail and disconnect.
  • Download and install ZLauncher as a replacement for the standard application launcher.
  • If you register your Treo with PalmOne they give you a free version of Pocket Tunes which will allow you to use your Treo as a portable MP3 player. Also note that Real Player has a version of an MP3 player for Palm OS that is free, but I like pocket tunes.
  • In order to listen to your MP3 with Pocket Tunes you are going to need a headset. I recommend the two-in-one headset from Seidioonline.
  • On MyTreo.Net you can download a movie recorder and a sound recorder so you can record movies and sound.
  • Get a SD memory stick so you can put your MP3’s on it along with any pics / movies you record.
  • Read the forums at Treo Central and MyTreo .

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