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XM2Go MiFi Tops Christmas Wish List

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in General | Posted on 04-12-2004

xm2go mifiAs always, I post my Christmas wish list to my web site so those that want to get the ZorKa something (and you know who you are) will not have any trouble with their purchases during the Holiday Season. Topping the list this season is the brand new device from XM called the XM2Go MiFi (pictured to the right). I’ve been an XM subscriber for about a year now (actually since last Christmas, thanks Mom!). I love my XM. Especially on long road trips back and forth to the South. We listen to a little news, then a little comedy, catch the weather, hit the ever so popular 80’s channel, a little classical, well, you get the idea. It’s great! But, XM is only in the Jeep, and nowhere else. This is why the XM2Go is awesome since you can take it with you, AND even record 5 hours of audio from your favorite stations. It is like Tivo for the radio. While this is not a comprehensive list at the moment (it is still early) it will be updated as I continue my quest to balance want versus need this Holiday Season. You can find my wish list at Amazon.Com.

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