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PDC 2005

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in .Net, Asp.Net, Friends | Posted on 28-09-2005

pdc 2005 developers of the yearIf you have been reading any type of technology news lately you should have stumbled across some Microsoft news recently about Windows Vista, Sparkle, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Mobile 5 (Treo 700w), etc. Most all of this news, except the Treo 700, was released during PDC. Or Microsoft week as a lot of writers call it. Two co-workers, Dan and Brad, along with myself got to go to PDC in Los Angeles. Instead of writing about what we did and saw, I put Brad in charge of my camera and had him document the trip. I’ve uploaded all 184 pictures to the site for your viewing pleasure. Here are a few things to help guide you along as you go through the slides:

  • We were at the keynote where Bill Gates talked about Windows Vista
  • The video with Bill Gates and Napolean Dynamite was hilarious
  • You’ll see some eye candy screen shots of the new Windows Vista operating system
  • Us playing around in the main vendor room
  • Microsoft bought out Universal Studios on Wednesday night so we all went there
  • Friday we headed to the beach and ate supper in Malibu!
  • I took Brad to Fry’s Electronics (the weird pictures of the aliens and spiders, etc)

Enjoy the pics!

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