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Vonage Click 2 Call Feature

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Internet, PC Software | Posted on 02-10-2005

vonage click to callI’ve have to be honest, I’ve been a little behind on all the features Vonage is offering these days. After moving to Mississippi, I had to change phone numbers, fax numbers, etc with Vonage to local numbers. To change a number you just go online, login and click on change my number. You then pick an area code you wish to have your telephone number relocated to and within a few minutes you’ll have a new phone number in your chosen area. Pretty cool stuff. While I was getting everything setup, I decided to change my plan to the “all you can eat” $24.99 plan since I am working out of my home office. As I was reading what was included in the plan I noticed a new feature called “Click-2-Call”. The feature integrates with Outlook by placing an additional menu bar on the contacts screen allowing you to simply click a button to call someone. Another nice benefit is you can highlight whatever text you want, press F6 and it will auto dial that number for you. I am pretty sure this is the final release of a feature that got posted to the Vonage forums one of the developers was playing with awhile back. It is a simple concept where you submit a phone number via a web post to their web server and it will auto dial a number for you. I played with it some and even integrated it into the Adressbook on my Mac. Now if they would just publish an API for it that would be great.

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how can we call vonage click to call web api after calling authentication web api

Hi Forum,

I’ve got a vonage us number and a CTI hardware based pbx and looking to implement click to call feature on the same.

Looking to convert international incoming on vonage to domestic PRi on the outbound side where first slot on the pri recieves incoming calls and the other domestic pri channels grabs an outbound trunk and dials a local/std call immediately after a call in scheduled on vonage.

Also wanted to know in case i can do it if i have a voip gateway where international inbound is configured and a PRi for outbound local..


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