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Downed trees and a revived blog

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Blog Updates | Posted on 23-02-2006

I talked to a couple of friends this past week that I haven’t talked to in awhile and they were like, how come you haven’t updated your blog? The reason is I have been EXTREMELY busy. If I have any free time where I don’t want to look at a computer I am outside working in the yard trying to clean up our wooded area which was wrecked by the huricane. Honestly I need about $5,000.00 to hire a tree removal company to come in and clean the woods up. Trees are down everywhere and while I am skilled with a chainsaw, I am only one man. Along with my normal work load, I recently started a side project for the Clevland Cavaliers basketball team so that is eating up any extra free time I have. The Cavs project is fun so I really don’t mind. Since I have been doing so much .Net coding, I revived the .Net Pimps web site by setting up Community Server on it. Several co-workers and myself will be posting our .Net goodness there. I have just way to much technical info I need to share and I am sure my friends don’t really care to read it on this blog. If you want to keep up on my .Net blog go here. And no I didn’t worry back porting the old content, I just started it over.

[Update 1.1.2007]

This post is no longer valid about donetpimps, all content has been moved to this blog and merged.

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