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Tonight is game night

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Friends, Funny Stuff | Posted on 12-03-2006

A few weeks ago Ellen and I had to go to Jackson for the weekend to a piano contest she was judging. Since we had to leave for two nights we needed someone to watch our dogs while we were away. Two of Ellen’s students, Carlena and Shea, agreed to watch the dogs for us but we had to have game night at our house to reward their services. Tonight was game night. Everyone gets together and we have a meal then we break out all of the board games. We started by cooking some burgers and hot dogs on the grill and then played a few hands of Texas Hold ‘Em since they girls had never played. Then another student of Ellen’s named Nathan showed up and we started playing Mad Gab and then moved onto Taboo. The night is still young, who knows what we’ll break out next. Maybe Operation?

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