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Don’t trust your web host, they really don’t care about you

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in General | Posted on 19-06-2006

For those that were following this blog you may have noticed something as of recent.  Primarily, where did all of the blog entries for this site go?  Well, let’s just say the web hosting company I am using is a complete IDIOT!  If you’ve been paying attention to this blog you would have noticed the last entry on this blog was in the middle of March.  In March, I had to swap database servers.  Not that I got an email or anything from these assholes telling me I needed to do so, my web site just stopped working one day.  It seems I am suppose to have the intuition to log into my control panel once a day to read what is going on.  Anyway, after making the necassary changes, I was back up and running.  I was running flawlessly for about 2 months.  Then one day, my web site went down again.  I contacted support and when it returned (not in timely fashion I might add), my data was gone!  I had lost months of entries, good ones too. 

After fighting with WebHost4Life for about a week, they finally admitted they screwed up and lost my data.  As a grand prize I get 3 years of free hosting with a company who lost months of my data.  Yeah…….

Why didn’t I blog earlier about this tragedy?  I couldn’t, I was too pissed and would have filled this entry with random bits of rage, four letter verbiage and comments about how the little guy gets screwed by the big guy.  I would have also commented on how companies don’t really care about their customers once they have your money. 

Over the next several weeks I’ll work on getting the older articles back onto the site.  The hard part isn’t re-writing them, but remembering what the hell I posted.

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