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Video Cast: Building Three Tiered Solutions in Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in .Net, Asp.Net, Programming, Smart Clients | Posted on 21-06-2006

One of the biggest challenges I see team members at work struggling with when trying to learn .Net is “how to get started”.  If you are a developer with lots of experience, coming into VS and .Net things are very different let’s face it.  For example, what’s the right way to setup a project?  What’s the difference between a solution and project?  Everyone knows about n-tiered architecture, but how do you pull it off in Visual Studio?  If you are using TFS how do you setup projects so they can be easily versioned?  How do you organize the name spaces of projects?

I put together this video cast which is about 30 minutes long which I hope addresses some of these questions.  It should serve as a good starting point as how to setup a project when starting out, things to think about like namespaces and how to name your projects.  I’ve built a lot of production apps over my time and what is in the video is all based on experience so if you know of an “easier / better” way please drop me a line.  In the future things like GAT (guidance automation toolkit) will provide an easier way to accomplish what I’ve outlined in the video.  If you haven’t looked at GAT, you should definitely do so. 

Watch The Video Cast

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