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Total Protect Home Warranty – Good or Bad?

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in General | Posted on 24-06-2006

I was going through mail this morning (no not email, real mail) and my mortgage lender sent me an advertisement regarding Total Protect’s Home Warranty. I normally don’t read ads but this is from my lender so I read them all just in case. It’s funny because now that we are home owner’s my biggest fear is some major gizmo in the home is going to all of a sudden quit and I’m going to have to fork over thousand’s of dollars to get it either fixed or replaced. Probably my biggest concern is air conditioning. We have two air conditioning units for our home. One cools the north wing and other the south wing. If one of them all of a sudden goes, we are talking thousands of dollars. Living in the heart of the south where temperatures are above 90 degrees each and every day for 4-6 months out of the year doesnt’ help my feelings either. My mother-in-law just had to replace an air conditioner. Her air conditioner was over 20 years old but she doesn’t run it that much. I figure it got about 4-5 years of solid use compared to mine since our’s stay on all the time. Insurance is primarily peace of mind but is it worth it? According to the brochure I got the price of the coverage would be $36.95 / month and a $50.00 deductible. Using the quote rate on their web site our deductible would be $95.00. Either the mortgage lender doesn’t know how big our house is or they are cutting us a break. Either way I’m going with the $50.00 because that’s what I have in writing from them. So $36.95 / month is $443.40 a year. If an air conditioner blows up within the next year or a refrigerator, I’m ahead. If a washer or dryer goes I break even since I can buy a new dryer or washer for that amount of money. But what about stoves and garbage disposals? The bottom line is how much stuff breaks? I don’t know nor can I remember from growing up. What are your thoughts? Home Warranty insurance good or bad?

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