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Changing My MSN Messenger Handle

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in General, Internet | Posted on 26-06-2006

I’ve had three or four people try to find me on MSN Messgenger in the past week.  Unless I told you exactly what to use, you would never find me.  Being that I am a junkie of said technology I decided to change my handle so people could better / more easily “guess” my handle.  I do this all the time.  For example I’ll get someone’s business card or I’ll be reading their blog and I will want to chat.  I’ll take their email address and try it in MSGR.  More times than not it works and I have an instant connection with someone.

Don’t worry for those that are on my list, all two of you,  I’ll be messaging you to remind you. Just accept my new handle and be happy.  For those that are dying to know, it will be my email address at this domain which is:

keith at dot net pimps .net
(the above string is an email address obfuscated for spam engines)


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