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Setting Up ClickOnce Certificate Files

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in .Net, Smart Clients | Posted on 26-06-2006

Looks like Brian Noyes stole my thunder for a blog post I was going to do soon.  I get asked the same question.  “How do you sign your ClickOnce program with a valid provider like Versign?”. 

Unfortunately for myself, I had to figure this out the hard way last year during the VS2005 beta when I had to publish the new CRM app out with a Go Live license.  It’s a wonder I was able to piece all of the pieces together.  Call it a true testament to my genius.

Thanks to Brian for putting this together. If I get hit by a bus now at least someone else on my team can figure it out instead of wasting endless hours reading docs.  Why this type of content isn’t standard help on MSDN I have no idea.  I was talking to someone at Tech Ed who was responsible for the content on MSDN (sorry, can’t remember her name) and expressed my concern that they should catalog what blogger’s write about and turn them into docs.  It isn’t that hard to read the forums, newsgroups etc.  If two people have had the same problem, it should be documented and searchable on MSDN.

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