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New Blog Shortcut and LANUG Presentation

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Blog Updates, Presentations, Speaking | Posted on 30-08-2006

Somehow I forgot that I purchased a domain awhile ago.  How crazy is that?  I must have been cough, cough, really tired the night I purchased it 🙂  I went online today to renew some domains and saw a domain in the list that I had that I didn’t remember I owned and that was keithelder.net. So, to make it easy on myself when someone asks for my blog I setup a redirect on the domain to point to this blog.  So if you want to remember how to link to my blog (and in case it changes in the future) just link to http://www.keithelder.net.

I may set the domain up and do something else with it, not sure yet, still thinking and weighing options.  I think I may do the first ClickOnce deployed Blog, haha!

Presentation at LANUG
I wanted to give a special thanks to Doug and Matthew for having me down to speak at  LANUG tonight.  They’ve got a great group going there. If you are in the Mobile area and want to hang out with some truly southern warm and friendly people to discuss .Net you should check them out.  Everyone was over the top nice and not once did I get a tomato hurled at me during the presentation (a first!).  I had a blast and hope to come back next year and discuss some more enterprise patterns and practices.

[Update 1/1/2007]
All of my blogs have been relocated to http://keithelder.net/blog/ so you need to update your RSS feeds from http://blog.zorka.com and http://dotnetpimps.net/blogs/theelder/default.aspx

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