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45 cases of West Nile virus in Hattiesburg

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in General | Posted on 01-09-2006

I just got of the phone with my wife. She was explaining to me that a person she works with fiance is a nurse at the local hospital and reported there had been 45 cases of the West Nile virus in the past three days here in Hattiesburg, Ms. What is going on!? I just got my new lawn mower and had planned on mowing the yard again this evening but now, I’m not so sure. According to the current numbers, there are only 32 reported cases in Mississippi. Either someone is stoned, can’t count, or the bugs down here are now fighting back! Updated September 2nd, 9:15 PM
My wife wanted me to correct the fact that it wasn’t someone she worked with at WCU, but rather a student of hers. Which I also might add was 2nd place in Miss Mississippi pagent this year. Another update on this is the local paper ran an article that not all of these cases are being reported to the state because some of the blood tests are being run by offices that are contracted for the hospital and aren’t required to report back to the state. I find this absolutely stupid. The CDC should step in and make this a federal rule that anyone who can run a blood test has to report back to the state their findings when it comes to diseases. Why is it I seem to be the only one with any common sense in this state?

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