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Summit Feedback is Good

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in .Net, Asp.Net | Posted on 21-09-2006

 It is interesting to see what others are saying about the summit and the best way to find out is just read people’s blog.  John C Bland is the CEO and founder of Katapult Media.  He is sitting in front of me at the summit and he’s been blogging all day.  We spoke during lunch today and he has a lot of experience in PHP and Cold Fusion so it is interesting to see what his take aways are from the perspective.   Check out these two posts from John on his blog.

  1. Microsoft folks are cool
  2. ScottGu, LINQ, ASP.NET, IIS 7, and Atlas rock – see this post if you want to get more details on what Scott showed during his session and what John thinks about what Scott showed. 


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