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Priceless – for everything else there is MasterCard

A while back sometime last year we posted a run of off takes on the Master Card commercial “Priceless”. Well belive it or not they are still coming out of the wood works every now and then. Surely by now everyone has seen the commercials and is familiar with what I am talking about. It has...

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Geeks Gone Wild!

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Asp.Net, Funny Stuff | Posted on 22-09-2006

Latest update from the Asp.Net Technology Summit is geeks are going wild!  In particular Scott Guthrie.  Last night we were at Trader Vic’s eating and mixing with the presenters along with the attendees.    Andy Stopford and Scott were chatting about LINQ and Scott couldn’t resist pulling out his laptop and doing an adhoc show and tell to show off the new data binding bits with LINQ and Asp.Net.  Conversation is great but a picture is worth a thousand words, and Visual Studio + LINQ is worth a couple of million.

Here is a video I took with my phone of Scott, Andy and myself geeking out and talking about LINQ.