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Our bus got hit by some crazy chic

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Funny Stuff | Posted on 22-09-2006

I’m sitting on a bus right now on interstate I520 in Redmond, Wa after leaving the Microsoft Company Store.  I picked up some shirts for my wife and myself, and I also picked up a Windows Media Center Keyboard.  But the reason I am sitting in the middle of the interstate is the bus we were own got into an accident. Some crazy chic was trying to force her way in front of a charter bus.  What an idiot.  Andy, John, and myself are in front of the bus.  John and I saw everything and filled out a report in favor of the bus driver and John had her approaching the bus on video.  She’s hopeless.    Right now I’m watching the state trooper explain to her that she’s an idiiot and was in the wrong.  I think she’s crying now.  Oh man, now I feel sorry for her.

Funny things that have been said on the bus while we’ve been waiting:

Geek pretending to be the officer – “So you hit the bus and you think its his fault?”

Geek onboard – “Hey, there’s a WIFI connection near by, awesome!”

[Update – 9.26.2006]
John has a video of the bus driver and the lady that hit us getting into it.  Again, never hit a bus of gadget toting geeks!

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