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Weekend Recap: Two birthday parties, Yard work, Pulled back

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Family | Posted on 07-11-2006

IMG_0013 This past weekend was pretty packed with stuff on the todo list. Friday was Ellen’s mother, Sue, birthday. Ellen had planned a surprise party for her since it was her 70th birthday. It started on Friday with us going to her house and opening gifts. Then we took her to the Walnut Creek Grill in downtown Hattiesburg. Leaving the resturant I had to kiss the chef, the food was really good.




Keith kissing the chef outside Walnut Circle Grill

After having a really good meal we left and drove Ellen’s mom back home. Right as we got to her house I said, “Well I hope you had a good birthday”. Meaning that this was it and final. We told her goodbye and had already made plans with her for her to join us for lunch on Saturday. On Saturday around noon we left the house and headed to Chesterfield’s in Hattiesburg where a lot of Sue’s friends, family and co-workers had gathered for the suprise. We decorated the area they had for us and about 12:45 Ellen went to go pickup her mother. Ellen was trying to come up with as many things as she could to trick her. It paid off. Needless to say she was shocked and had no idea we had planned it all. Especially since we did something for her on Friday night. Finally around 3:00 the party ended. You can view the pictures here from the party. After leaving the party we left Hattiesburg and drove to MacComb, MS to visit Ellen’s Aunt Sis who had fallen and broke her hip.

On Sunday I got up early so I could get to work in the yard. Most of my efforts for the day can be seen here in this photo where I finally got the large pine tree cut down:

Pine tree I cut down

 I also cut down a lot of brush in the woods and hauled it to the road. I would gave cut more but earlier I had pulled my back while in the kitchen of all places. But here is a pic of the brush I was hauling with the John Deere.  Later that evening the moon was out full and I took some pics of it. Hope you enjoy them.

John Deere getting ready to haul a load to the road

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